“I have been taking piano lessons from Ms Deana for over two years now. I value her ability to encourage me. I am grateful for her knowledge of music theory. She provided me with a theory book and set me forth. I thank my lucky stars for her patience with me. She helped me buy a piano. She helped me believe in my abilities. She provided an opportunity to do multi piano.  I look upon multi piano as an opportunity to overcome my tendency to have performance anxiety.  I am an adult student and appreciate wholeheartedly her choice in piano books for me.  So there you have it—from books to pianos and all in between I am convinced Deana Haines is a good teacher for me.”


“Shining Light has been a Godsend to us. After moving to Missouri from out of state we felt a little displaced. Shining Light has been a buoy to us. Not only has it helped my daughter with her music abilities and taught her a new instrument but, they make you feel like family! Thank you Shining Light.”


“Friendly, fast service. Very welcoming and knowledgeable.”


“Your compassion or music got me started with my clarinet. I am from Minnesota and love this store.”


“We love Mrs. Haines so much! Our son looks forward to his lesson every week! Thank you”


“SLM is so accomidating and user friendly. We were in and out quickly when we needed to remeasure for our larger violin. Thanks SLM!”


“They are great & work well with customer service!”


“Your store and service is the best!”